In 2003, Yelka Maric, degreed in Business Administration, and with a Master’s from the INCAE Business School in Costa Rica, decided to leave the banking and hydrocarbons sector to create her own business.

The project, TERRALTA’S EW S.R.L. has always had an established direction, i.e. to develop knitwear, producing high-quality, handmade, finished products - employing innovative designs, and utilizing natural materials like alpaca, blended with premium fibers such as angora and silk.

For a year contacts were made and international markets were sought. During this process we were blessed to meet a successful North-American businesswoman, who selflessly introduced our craftswomen’s skills to New York designers. This resulted in important decisions and lessons that changed the course of the business as it is conceived today.

On the one hand is the fact that the international design market is extremely competitive, and on the other, is that the strength of our business has been, and is, that it is perfectly capable of competing in the global market.

So it was that in 2007, after having completed the first order for one of America’s most important brands, Polo-Ralph Lauren’s high-quality and high–priced blue-label line, Madres & Artesanas Tex not only changed its name, but also the strategy completely reoriented the philosophy and focus of the organization.