This organization’s future is auspicious. Order volume has doubled since 2007, as has the diversification of new product lines on the part of U.S. buyers.

However the challenges of this organization are much greater and are oriented to the stability and regularity of orders throughout the course of the entire year, one of the most complex objectives for this type of business, which is dictated all over the planet by seasonality.

The growth and recognition of the craftwork skills of Madres & Artesanas Tex is daring us to dream of having our own brand in 2011, able to take its place as a reference to high-quality knitwear and macramé in high-end global markets.  

“Each year, during the celebrations and speeches for Mother’s Day and Christmas, the giant steps that women are taking become apparent. Not only because their technical, organizational and labor skills are incomparable, but because they are generating a discourse of change, of dignity, of respect and of self-respect when faced with their partners. This is making them true businesswomen, able to better take on the challenges of tomorrow for themselves, and above all, for their children.” 

Founder - Madres & Artesanas Tex.